Avery Dennison Corporate Venture Capital Program | Avery Dennison
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              Avery Dennison Corporate
              Venture Capital Program

              Our corporate venture capital program invests and commercially partners with emerging technology and materials science companies. The program is designed to support entrepreneurs working on innovative, disruptive technologies, which will support our business strategies, providing value to our customers and strategic partners.

              We can partner with entrepreneurs in many ways, including minority equity investments, joint development agreements, non-recurring engineering projects, reseller relationships, and other forms of strategic technical and commercial partnerships.

              Our goal is to combine the best of both worlds: disruptive technology and entrepreneurial thinking with operational excellence at a global scale.


              Our Focus


              Connected Items

              Enables a broad set of use cases from inventory management to consumer engagement

              Sustainability and
              Waste Management

              Sources more sustainable materials, supports innovative recycling solutions, and enhances product life cycles

              Personalized Customer Experience

              Helps brands provide personalization, customization, and more engaging product offerings for customers

              Advanced Materials

              Expands our portfolio of label, film, coating, and other functional materials while developing our industry capabilities and relationships


              Enables data acquisition, management, analytics, and monetization across complex global value chains

              Industry 4.0

              Improves automation and efficiency of industrial manufacturing and global supply chains, including next generation IoT platforms




              Early and growth stage companies (Series A-C) that have demonstrated initial product/market fit


              Our Portfolio

              Gauzy produces liquid crystal glass switchable window film technology for dynamic display and content projection in retail, automotive, and other applications. gauzy.com

              PragmatIC manufactures ultra-thin, low-cost, flexible integrated circuits that enable everyday smart objects. pragmatic.tech

              VeriSolutions provides an end-to-end IoT platform for cold chain monitoring and traceability that ensures operational compliance for brands and supply chain stakeholders. verisolutions.co

              Wiliot is a fabless semiconductor company that designs battery-free Bluetooth tags for intelligent packaging, connected products, and logistics applications. wiliot.com

              Wrapify provides an app-based platform that enables brands to deliver out-of-home advertisements on consumer vehicles. wrapify.com

              Our Portfolio in the News

              June 3, 2019
              RFID Tags Could Save the UK NHS $500M/Year

              June 2, 2019
              Gauzy to Open Stuttgart Factory

              May 30, 2019
              Wrapify Case Study: Cisco

              April 26, 2019
              The Connected Restaurant: How Kitchen Manufacturers & Restaurant Managers Can Implement IoT


              Our Team

              max winograd

              Max Winograd
              Global Director Ventures and Open Innovation

              melissa tse

              Melissa Tse
              Senior Venture Associate

              pradeep iyer

              Pradeep Iyer
              Research Fellow

              collin moore

              Collin Moore
              Ecosystem Partnerships

              cvc partner

              Touchdown Ventures
              Our CVC Partner


              Contact Us

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